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Lighters Wholesale for Business

by admin on June 23, 2010

The Importance of Lighters Wholesale to Businesses in Australia

Buying lighters wholesale is a great way for businesses in Australia to spread information about their products. Establisments such as pubs, resorts, supermarkets, etc. can purchase bic lighters in bulk, have their slogan printed on them, and give or sell them to customers.

Perhaps they can be given away free when a customer makes a purchase of a certain amount. Or they can be given away with no purchase required. Everyone loves to receive a free gift. Bulk lighters are pretty inexpensive and can be used as a tool to market a company, a new product, a contest, or a sales promotion.

Wholesale Lighters Remind Customers of Your Business

Are you looking for a way to cheaply and easily advertise your Australian business?

Printed lighters are all the rage, and may the solution you are seeking. Every time one of your customers uses their lighter they will think of your business. Best of all, every time they forget their lighter in a public location, the next person that finds it will also think of your business.

Lighters are popular with all generations, and surprisingly even popular with those who do not even smoke. Older teens, twenty somethings, middle aged parents, and even senior citizens use lighters.

People want to collect and share lighters with advertising on them, and a free lighter may make them to return to your business and bring their friends.

You could even get creative, and run a coupon special on the lighter such as “return with this lighter and save 10%”. The options and ideas are really endless when it comes to personalization, and you would be surprised at what some people choose to have printed on their merchandise.

While personalized products can be expensive, lighters wholesale are surprisingly affordable.

Companies are realizing how popular these lighters are and are ordering them in the thousands.  Hotel, pubs, resorts, and even supermarkets are using these lighters to bring in new customers and advertise their business.

Some companies sell their personalized lighters instead of carrying regular retail lighters. If a customer comes in for as lighter, you might as well sell him one with your logo on it instead of a generic one.

This is a win-win situation, as you advertise your business, they pay for the lighter, and your logo is still seen every time the customer uses it.

black bic lighters promo

While there are many products you could have personalized to advertise your business, lighters make the most sense. People do not throw them away like they do with other free items, they get passed around from person to person, they are functional, and best of all they are affordable.

Before you decide on a personalized item, be sure to check out all the colours and designs that are currently available for advertising lighters. You might be surprise at the idea that “lights up” in your mind!

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