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Bic Lighters

by admin on June 20, 2010

applause businessPrinted Bic lighters are a low cost method of mass advertising. By selling them at your business you can spread your message and make money.

Set sales on fire with Bic lighters

Let’s face it, it’s a rough economy these days, and advertising dollars are scarce, but with printed Bic lighters, retailers can spread the word about their business, and make money doing it.

With the worldwide financial crisis taking its toll, even our neck of the woods is feeling the heat from an unprecedented global slowdown. If you’re in the hospitality, retail or convenience store industry, you’re probably closest to the pulse of the real economy and can feel the ripples of the worldwide economic crunch.

Small investment, big impact

bic promo lighter BlueYou know that advertising, buzz and word of mouth can help draw business even in tough times. Unfortunately, tough times make advertising budgets tight. By selling Bic printed lighters, you can get the word out about your business and make back your costs and a little something extra.

You can buy lighters wholesale, from a distributor of bulk lighters, and then sell them to your customers for much more than you paid for them. The average mark-up on a disposable Bic lighter runs about 100 to 400 percent. So when you sell one of these products, you’re not only putting a visible reminder of your business that your customer will see whenever he or she lights up, you’re also making a good profit that you can put toward further advertising or your bottom line.

Multiple contacts

The great thing about printed lighters is that they have a broad footprint. Smoking is a very social activity, and other smokers will probably often ask your customer for a light. When that happens, they’ll see your logo on the lighter. Chances are that other smokers gathered with your customer will see the logo, too. Every time your customer lights up, there’s potential for your message to make multiple contacts.

Using printed t-shirts and mugs are similar marketing strategies, but they cannot compete with printed lighters in terms of cost and opportunity. Mugs are only occasionally used, and then only in certain places. T-shirts, at best, will only be worn once a week. Your customer will carry your printed lighter around nearly everywhere he or she goes, and will use it several times per day. The average disposable cigarette lighter has hundreds of uses before it runs out of lighter fluid, so with each printed lighter you sell you’ve gained hundreds of advertising opportunities.

bic logoSo, for creative marketing that gets results while adding to your bottom line, there’s no better choice than printed Bic Lighters.

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