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Bic Lighters a low-cost, high-return marketing tool

by admin on August 16, 2010

If you’re looking for a new way to market your business that’s low-cost, but effective, consider the benefits offered by Bic lighters printed with your name.

Printed lighters

A printed lighter is a disposable cigarette lighter that has your business name and/or logo and contact information printed on the side. You can sell these lighters in a hotel, convenience store or other retail location. Printed lighters work well in marketing because they’re visible, frequently used, inexpensive and easy to mass distribute. They also have the added benefit of being profitable to sell. If you use Bic lighters you are also associating yourself with a brand known for quality and reliability.

In most forms of advertising (print, television, radio ads, etc.) what you spend on advertising isn’t likely to be directly recouped. Instead you realize the benefits of advertising through indirect means, such as increased traffic and business in your store.

Printed lighters are different in that you directly recoup the advertising cost, that is, the cost of buying the Bic lighters and having them printed with your logo, when you sell them. Unlike other promotional items, lighters have a high mark-up rate. Most retailers mark them up by about 100 to 400 percent. This means that even if you don’t sell all the lighters you buy, there’s a very good chance that you’ll still break even or make a small profit on your advertising investment.

High impact

Your printed lighters will have a large marketing footprint because they’ll be seen not just by the person that buys them, but by anyone who sees your customer light up with them. Lighters are often borrowed, so there’s another opportunity for your message to get out to potential customers. Also, when your original customer uses their lighter, they’ll see your business name, thus keeping your brand in their mind. This repetition will likely make your business the first one the customer thinks of when they need something from your sector.

While there are many brands of disposable lighters you could buy for your marketing tool, Bic lighters have a reputation for dependability and reliability. After all, you don’t want your name and number on the side of a cigarette lighter that doesn’t work.

In the current economy, successful businesses are ones that find effective, efficient and clever ways to market their products or services. By using printed Bic lighters, you can get the word out about your business without busting your advertising budget.

Summary: Businesses in the hospitality, retail or convenience sectors can benefit from the word of mouth buzz generated by having their business logo and contact information printed on Bic lighters. They are cheap to buy, have a high mark-up value and work well as a guerrilla marketing technique.

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