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BIC Lighters: Your Ticket to a Successful Business

by admin on June 22, 2011

Using BIC lighters is another ingenious means of advertising and promoting your products and services. Lighters are quite indispensible to a smoker’s everyday life. So if you are selling products that would appeal to this type of market, lighters are the most appropriate items to use to promote products, services or businesses.

Lighters of any types, sizes, shapes and colors are definitely handy promotional items that one can carry or take anywhere with ease. BIC lighters can very well provide a company or business the right kind of tool that would best serve their advertising and marketing needs.

As with any other advertising and promotional tools, it is often difficult to find lighters that are made from high quality materials such as BIC. Not only they are durable, BIC is a well loved brand since their lighters look good and have a reputation for reliability and safety.

Before you make a decision, it is smart to use the Internet to help you search for the perfect item to use for your campaigns. You can find a variety of other premium items online as well as fantastic sources of custom printed lighters from online wholesalers.

BIC lighters are such a popular vehicle for marketing purposes, because they are inexpensive; however still carry the connotation of quality due to their brand popularity. This would mean a lot to your target market especially if you can make them feel that you are there to understand what they want and that your business is making great efforts to study and take into consideration the ways to satisfy their needs.

There are a lot of effective marketing strategies that have been tested and proven but nothing beats the classic tradition of handing out useful items such as lighters, umbrellas, mugs, tote bags, etc. where you can have your company name, logo, tag lines, address, phone numbers and products or services.

Depending on your business situation you can actually make a profit and simultaneously promote your business. This marketing method is popular with pubs, supermarkets and service stations. They pay just a little more to have their lighters printed with their details and sell them for a full retail markup.

BIC lighters can do so much more apart from serving an individual’s immediate need. People who smoke carry around lighters all the time. The only thing you need to do is to think of a marketing strategy that will benefit your target customers, so what better way to promote and advertise what you are offering than to give out lighters with your business name printed on them. A well thought of and well chosen item to give away is your ticket to a successful business. The process of giving away useful items allows you to build and maintain a viable set of connections, fantastic customer links and many other opportunities.

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